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Welcome to Vernal Scott Online

Vernal Scott - "Write your heart..."

"To love is why we exist. Everything else is dust waiting to happen." 

Vernal Scott from his non-fiction book, God's Other Children - A London Memoir.


Welcome to the new website of Vernal W. Scott! You can find out about the author, his book, and related news via this webpage. Boasting forewords by Lord Paul Boateng, Sir Nick Partridge and Peter Tatchell, God's Other Children - A London Memoir is available in paperback and Kindle formats from Amazon, Foyles, Barnes and Noble, and Gay's The Word Bookstore. Generating rave reviews, be sure to check out the extensive excerpts page for more details.


"Every day is World AIDS Day for those directly affected by the big disease with a little name." - Vernal Scott

God's Other Children judged worthy of the Polari First Book Prize

Six judges voted to include Vernal Scott's book in the long list for the Polari First Book Prize. The announcement was made at the Southbank Centre event on 29th July 2014. Vernal was both shocked and thrilled. Watch the video of his reading at the same event.

Click on the above image to go to Amazon, see reader reviews, and purchase the book.

"God’s Other Children: A London Memoir is one of the most remarkable, honest, and inspiring autobiographies I've ever read. I commend Vernal W. Scott for offering an unflinching view of his life and his work. It is a gripping read and a valuable document of our times, especially about the advent of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the U.K. I hope Mr. Scott has the opportunity to present this work in class rooms; our youth need to understand the history that Mr. Scott describes so vividly."  - Christian John Wikane, Music Industry Writer.

Whitney Houston with Vernal Scott in London.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who's bought my book thus far. Thanks also for your encouragement and comments and reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. Despite the initial freebie download riddled with editorial 'issues' - apologies! - I knew that I'd written a non-fiction book worth reading. I am still amazed when I hear from someone who's read it in places as far apart as India, the USA, Australia, and the UK. The experience of writing and publication is akin to planting a seed and watching it sprout and grow with each passing week. The book has had no marketing and I have no idea whether it will ever be known to the masses, but I remain very grateful to those of you who've given it your time and have gone on to recommend it to family and friends. Because of the book, I have received numerous invitations to speak at groups, special events, and places of learning. Other potential opportunities are beginning to happen as well... Yes, from small seeds big things grow. So, from my heart to yours, THANK YOU! Vernal x 

Vernal Scott author of God's Other Children - A London Memoir at 10 Downing Street
Whitney Houston with Vernal Scott at Reach Out and Touch. Full account and many pictures in his book.

Vernal Scott talks about the content of his non-fiction book

Vernal Scott

Everybody has a story to tell, and God's Other Children - A London Memoir, is Vernal's story but much much more. The book captures the lives of a number of people who are unlikely to have their stories told elsewhere; people who have touched Vernal's life.  He has created this webpage to communicate with his readers and potential readers, and to share relevant news. You can follow his work, read his blog and the latest news about him on this webpage, you will also find links where you can read excerpts and buy the ground-breaking book. If you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions about this site, please go ahead and let Vernal know; he will respond directly. He would love to hear from you.


Vernal says: "I am truly knocked out by the warm reception to my book, as seen on and elsewhere. The content, as you may already know, is funny in places, but is mostly concenred with mature issues, such as: love and loss; sex, sexuality and ‘coming out’; faith and religion; domestic violence; borderline child chastisement/abuse; disease; racism and homophobia; equality challenges at home and abroad; gay baby-making and parenting; family court; teen depression and suicide; even voodoo and the paranormal. Perhaps most powerfully, my book captures the horrific impact of HIV and AIDS on both heterosexual and gay communities during the height of the crisis, a period I describe as a conveyor belt of death and dying. My family and friends did not escape the crisis untouched.  


It was good to finally dust off and publish my pictures of Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, and Gloria Gaynor. Those ladies all have two things in common; song and love. Two of them, at least, like our beloved Princess Diana, were also considerable humanitarians. 


Yes, my book is much more than just my story, and I thank you for your interest in it."


Vernal Scott's non-fiction Polari nominated book Vernal Scott - God's Other Children: A London Memoir

Available from Amazon, Foyles, Barnes and Noble, and Gay's The Word Bookstore, God's Other Children - A London Memoir runs 57 compelling chapters over 500 pages. Click the above image to buy it in pap

Book Chapter Index:

1.       Forewords (Lord Paul Boateng, Sir Nick Partridge, and Peter Tatchell)

2.       Dedication and Appreciation

3.       Prologue

4.       The Beginning: the Eubanks and the Scotts

5.       Hey, What’s My Name?

6.       Don’t Mess With My Mum!

7.       Dumplings, Chicken and Dog Meat?

8.       Love Is a Song

9.       Our Palace As A Refuge

10.        Mum Goes Missing

11.        Young Boy, You’re Too Girlie-Girlie!

12.        Bingo! Spend, Spend, Spend!!!

13.        Sleeping with Strangers

14.        My First Love?

15.        Hey, Batty Man!

16.        The Disco Kid Will Survive

17.        Divorce: Doreth vs Skippy

18.        Obeah Spells and Evil Hands

19.        Ghosts and Demons

20.        Homophobia – Choosing Suicide

21.        I Am What I Am… and It’s Raining Men!

22.        No Blacks Here!

23.        ‘Born Again’ - Thanks to Exegesis!

24.        Love To Love You, Mr Shakespeare!

25.        The People’s Group

26.        HIV/AIDS – my purpose!

27.        I’m Coming Out!

28.        Homeless

29.        Knocking on Doors

30.        Police! Under Homophobic Attack

31.        The Brent HIV Centre

32.        He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother!

33.        That’s What Friends Are For

34.        News of the World: ‘Sex on the Rates!’

35.        California Dreaming

36.        Reach Out and Touch with Flowers and Sister Whitney

37.        Saying Goodbye to Marvin

38.        London Welcomes Dionne Warwick

39.        Brother Bunny Loses His Fight

40.        Dedication to Brother Bunny

41.        Closing the Brent HIV Centre

42.        Facing the Facts: My HIV Test

43.        I Want To Be a Daddy

44.        Losing Mum

45.        Who’s the Daddy?

46.        Losing Brother Leo

47.        Black, Bald, Beautiful, and Traumatized

48.        Greet, Grope, Goodbye

49.        High Court Showdown - A Fight For Justice

50.        Happy 50th’ - from Gloria and Dad!

51.        Goodbye Sister Whitney, Hello Kids!

52.        Cancer Scare!

53.        I’ve Got Work to Do

54.        Ah Men: The Bible and Homosexuality

55.        Vernal’s Inspired Morsels…

56.        Contact the author Vernal W. Scott

57.        Vernal’s All-time Disco Classics. Get Down!

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